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Нашествие буржуев

Что-то на мою голову в последнее время часно сваливаются иностранцы? Как это понимать? Я конечно же предложил ему сотрудничество по публикации его материала на русском языке.. Хех! Он даже согласился прислать мне из его "солнечной" Италии свои диски и печатный материал.. Ну что-ж... Поживем-увидим...

From: Francesco Fareri <francesco@francescofareri.com>

Hello to all at Guitar Player,
I'm an 24 years old Italian guitar player.
I've released on july 2001 my first Instrumental Shred album "Suspension" distributed in Japan by Soundholic, in USA by Nightmare Records and MACE the personal label of Micheal Angelo Batio, also on some specialized sites on internet as www.Angelo.com or www.Guitar9.com or www.LoudMetal.com or www.MuseaRecords.com and other sites. I usually write some guitar lessons involved with guitar techniques on a lot of
sites as Guitar9, Guitar Mania, Insane Guitar, Guitar Chef, Chops From Hell that produced also my first Instructional Video on CDRom called "Arpeggios".

I would like to know if you are interested in a review or instructional columns on your site. If you think to be interested please let me know.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Take Care
Francesco Fareri


====== A R P E G G I O S =====
an instructional CD Rom available on:

===== S U S P E N S I O N =====
An Instrumental Shred Prog Album
Available on internet on these sites

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