Михаил "Kuzmitch" Кузьмин (kuzmitch) wrote,
Михаил "Kuzmitch" Кузьмин

Старый прикол, но все-же приятно

Перечитываю комментарии (снизу-вверх) на гордость нашего отечественного кинематографа, "Морозко". Когда я в последний раз их читал, было не так смешно :)

"I know it is a faery tale from Russia and the Baltic, but keep your eyes open for the strangeness that was thrown into the film, such as dancing trees, a Prince turned into a talking bear and forced to give his mother piggy-back rides (yes, I'm SERIOUS!), a witch with tusks(!) named Baba-Yaga, A goofy fat sister who acts like an over-sized little girl and some goofy gophers playing with mushrooms. Makes you think of Russia and Finland were hit with the LSD or Angel Dust fad in the 1960s and 1970s as well."

"The best way I can Describe this movie is that imagine a Bunch of Russian Writers did some drugs and decided to come out with a movie this would be it not worth seeing unless you want to be really confused about walking trees,humpback witches, and Jack Frost."

Но абсолютным победителем стал человек, написавшмй это:

"Add some hi-tech, effects, guns, dress its actors in cool leather jackets and you will have "The Matrix". Change actors to celebrities, dress them in kimonos and arm with fancy samurai weapons, mix with violence, add hidden ads of stuff and split the movie in three parts - and you will have the "Kill Bill" part !. ", и еще один перец, который стал сравнивать его с японсокй "Годзиллой".

Ревью тоже блещет:

"Among the trials Ivanushka must face are an attack by bloodthirsty forest bandits, the transforming spells of Grandfather Mushroom (!) and the evil witch Baba Yaga, who lives in a house perched atop giant chicken legs."

Догло вспоминал, кто такой "Grandfather Mushroom". Вспомнил - "Старичок-Боровичок". Атас :)
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