Михаил "Kuzmitch" Кузьмин (kuzmitch) wrote,
Михаил "Kuzmitch" Кузьмин

Гламур наносит ответный удар :)

Всего за $9.48!!!

Mattel H7588 Barbie Diaries Doll with Songs & Accessories, Barbie measures 12" tall, For ages 5 and over, The Barbie doll includes a guitar and butterfly amp, just like in the movie. With the guitar, girls can choose to play music from three songs from the movie, Barbie doll wears denim-like jeans with a pink sweater, espadrille sandals, and a butterfly charm bracelet, Butterfly amp is battery operated, includes three button cell batteries.

Оригинал записи в моем блоге на GuitarPlayer.Ru
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