Михаил "Kuzmitch" Кузьмин (kuzmitch) wrote,
Михаил "Kuzmitch" Кузьмин

Jay & Silent Bob The Video Game

Хотят делать игру c персонажами Jay и Silent Bob:

Speaking to Yahoo! Games, filmmaker Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith (Clerks, Dogma) talked about his interest in making a game based on his characters Jay and Silent Bob (>>)

Видимо, это будет мегажесть. Локализаторы убьют себя ап стену. А вот цитата от Kevin Smith (создатель персонажей, режиссер и автор сценария):

For years, people have been telling me to do a Jay and Silent Bob game. I'd be all for it, but I'm just not the guy to do it. I'd be happy to write the back story for the game, but when it comes to what are the levels and challenges and bosses and things like that, I'm so not good at coming up with that kind of stuff. It'd be nice if someone came out with a Jay and Silent Bob game. I'd play it in a heartbeat (>>)

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