Михаил "Kuzmitch" Кузьмин (kuzmitch) wrote,
Михаил "Kuzmitch" Кузьмин

Make Love Not Warcraft

Вышла серия South Park, в основу сюжета которой лег World of Warcraft. Смотрим:

The episode started in Goldshire, where Cartman is playing World of Warcraft as a dwarf. He groups up with the boys and they go on a quest, but end up running into a half-naked player who dances and proceeds to kill the boys. But, the plot thickens. He didn’t agree to a duel, thus breaking the rules of WoW.Blizzard can’t help the boys, because the evil avatar can even kill admins! So, the boys set off to stop the evil avatar on their own. They level up for 17 days in a hope they can overcome the enemy. We won’t spoil the ending for you, but, suffice to say this is one of the best South Park episodes we’ve seen. Of course, we’re slightly biased.

Tags: Видео, Игры

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