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Мой хостер развлекается в честь своего дня рождения: увеличил место на моем плане (пардон - на всех планах). Теперь вместо ненужных мне 20Гб у меня стало 200Гб. Куда, скажите, это все девать, спрашивается?!! Типичный американский overselling.

Никому ничего не надо захостить? Могу поделиться парочкой гигабайт :)

Из newsletter:

It’s our birthday? Double the bandwidth, tenify the disk!

So, what feature WAS I alluding to last month anyway? Could it that it’s now been NINE years since we registered dreamhost.com, and to celebrate we’ve upped everybody’s disk and bandwidth, AGAIN, wellll beyond the realm of possible use: up to TEN times the disk (including growth rate) and at LEAST double the bandwidth (also including weekly growth rate)!

And as usual, all existing customers get it too, and you don’t even have to do anything to upgrade. It’s … already … happened.

Anyway, that puts us at, um. Er. I’m not sure. A lot. Check it out:


But WAIT! Is that a new site design for dreamhost.com I see? And what’s that on the main page? Pictures of employees and RSS feeds? GRADIENTS?

Amazing! What version of the web would you even CONSIDER a site like this? It’s gotta be more than 1.5, possibly even 1.9..

This is some kind of killer upgrade, for sure. Possibly even SUPER.

And for those of you who say, “SCREW all the features, ALL I *really* want is website, email, and database stability!” I say, “You are smart.”

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